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Roberto Pignatone

of counsel


Roberto Pignatone is of counsel of CDRA in the branch of Tax Law.

He teaches tax law as associate professor of the University of Palermo, where he started as a researcher in 1983, moreover he manages the law firm specialised in tax law, that he has founded. During his university life he has managed various subjects concerning state treasury (from tax deduction at source to registration tax, from tax liability status to fiscal federalism, from compliance to abuse of rights) has also taught in the field of financial law and state accounting.

He has written various scientific works, essays and monographs and is conference and meetings speaker in the field of state treasury. He is a member of Associazione Italiana dei Professori di Diritto Tributario (A.I.P.D.T.) (Italian Association of Tax Law Professors) and has taken part to its board as national representative of associate professors.

He has often collaborated with public bodies. Pignatone worked with the Direzione Regionale della Programmazione per la Regione Siciliana (Regional Directorate for Planning for Sicily) managing above all the connection between planning and financial statement, was consultant of the Councillor for financial statement and treasury of Sicily about tax autonomy and collection, was member of the Regional Advisory Committee for the tax collection in Sicily.

He has had experience as administration adviser at SOGEI s.p.a., that manages the tax register, and at a credit union.

He practices as defence counsel before Tax Judge and Court of Cassation, and at the same time as special expert. He collaborates withpublic and private firms, with banks and public corporations, with individuals, foundations and associations

He is a member of the Tax Lawyers’ Chamber of Palermo, of the Centro Studi del Consiglio dell’Ordine degli Avvocati di Palermo and of the Osservatorio Permanente della Giustizia Tributaria.

He has always considered crucial to render a high level specialised competence in a complex and developing field that requires continuous research and updating, with a personalised support that aims to meet the needs of the client.

For more than thirty years he has assisted his clients in order to find the best solution of tax matters concerning their activity (in the water utility sector, banking, biotechnology, culture, farming, real estate sector and much more) fully aware of the importance of the appropriate tax regime that adapts the needs of saving and the participation in the public spending.

He collaborates with financial administration in order to find common interpretations and avoid any conflicts.

He practices as defence counsel in the field of tax  judicial proceedings in order to obtain a fair taxation that follows the law and respects taxpayers and their rights while claiming their duties.



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