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Environmental Law, Public Services, Network and Infrastructure Services

The focus on environmental sustainability characterizes the sensitivity of modern civilization and consequently impacts directly the legislative choices that allow us to make our systems consistent with said approach.

Public services, network services, and the choices in regards to infrastructures and transport are heavily influenced by the search for sustainability and eco-compatibility.

The evolution in environmental legislation has moved hand in hand with the development of policies aimed at developing a system of services and transport consistent with these objectives.

Thanks to the great experience matured in the sector alongside the most important industrial groups and public administrations at all levels, our firm guarantees a comprehensive coverage with reference to all the issues that may concern the operators in the sector, whether that be the need of extrajudicial assistance and consultancy, or to assist them before any Italian or European jurisdiction.

In particular, we provide our assistance in the procedures of V.I.A./V.A.S. as well as in the procedures launched for the issue of A.I.A./A.U.A., also offering legal support to operators in the sector of environmental protection, assisting them in the preliminary authorization procedures.

Areas of operation within the department

  • Administrative law
  • Environmental law
  • Urban law
  • Construction law
  • Company law
  • European union law

What our clients say about us

“From the human and professional point of view, CDRA has always made a valuable contribution to the dissection of environmental issues that have involved the company, tackling every situation that required advice or defence activities in court”

Dedicated team

Serena Caradonna
Serena Caradonna
Carlo Comandè
Carlo Comandè
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Enzo Puccio
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Ilaria Arrigo